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Death To Bandit’s.

When you wake up after a long night of drinking, groggy and confused, just to find a letter next to your bed, you begin to wonder what happened the night before. After waking up and noticing the letter you also realize that the room you’re in is missing something…all of your belongings. With only 2,000 GP to your name and the letter left by your side, you must adventure onward, following the letters instructions, in order to replace not only your memory of the previous events, but your personal belongings as well. You will soon come to discover that you are not the only one in this strange adventure, but a piece of a larger puzzle.

Death To Bandit’s is a Campaign built around D&D V3.5, all classes and races from the Core Version 3.5 are allowed, no restrictions. The GM highly recommends there be some sort of DPS, Tank and Healer class involved in this Campaign.

Death To Bandits